Thursday, August 12, 2010

Straub Makes Another Dubious Hire

According to Advance Indiana, Indianapolis Public Safety Director Frank Straub has hired another high paid, out-of-towner, this time as Deputy Director in charge of training and community relations. Rick Hite comes from Baltimore.

According to Wikipedia: Richard "Rick" Hite is a Lieutenant Colonel of the Baltimore Police Department. An African American, Hite is president of the BPD's Vanguard Justice Society, an organization representing the department's African American officers, and is the commander of the BPD's Youth Services Division, a division of the department with responsibilities concerning troubled inner city youths.

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Anonymous said...

Hite is originally from Gary, Indiana, so not so much an "outsider" which is a bigoted comment. Do we call Peyton Manning an "outsider"?
And don't think for a minute that our tax dollars don't go to support Manning..indirectly through the stadium and the team!