Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Be Careful What You Wish For

So, Indy taxpayers won the battle but lost the war, again.

We got to keep Georgia Street "Georgia Street" -- as named on the original plat. Win.

We gave away "operating rights" to a section of the public thoroughfare to a NGO. Lose!

Say what?

Check out this item, buried in The Indianapolis Star:

In other action Monday, the [City-County] council:
Voted 18-11 to approve a lease of Downtown's revamped Georgia Street, which has a three-block pedestrian mall, to Indianapolis Downtown Inc.

Let's let Indianapolis attorney Paul K. Ogden describe the takeover: "Once again, it appears that we have a city asset taxpayers have spent millions on, only only to find our city leaders want to give it away to a private entity for free. [Indianapolis Downtown Inc.] will manage the place, but apparently will also keep all the profits associated with the venue."

Profits from a city street! What's next? Parking meters? Oh, wait......

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