Friday, April 20, 2012

Centennial of the Cherry Blossoms

Indiana will celebrate the centennial of the planting of cherry trees from Japan in Washington, D.C., as part of the Earth Day festivities in White River State Park, downtown Indianapolis.

Highlights include public kite-flying, a taiko performance and free seeds for Japanese cherry trees to plant at home.

It all takes place between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. 28 April.

Here's what's new: a mass planting of Japanese cherry trees in White River State Park! But, first, the 45 Yoshino cherry tree saplings already in Indiana will be cosseted in a nursery for three years -- until they're sturdy enough to be planted along the west bank of the White River. The walkway will be named the Japan – U.S. Cherry-Tree Promenade (see the artist's rendering, above left).

Organizers for the cherry tree celebration are the Japan-America Society of Indiana, Honorary Consul General of Japan at Indianapolis, Consulate General of Japan at Chicago and the Embassy of Japan in the United States.

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