Saturday, July 21, 2012

Indy Star to Build Paywall

According to the Indianapolis Business Journal, The Indianapolis Star intends to erect a paywall for its online site as early as August.

IBJ quotes Jim Hopkins (a former USA Today editor and reporter who writes a blog about Gannett) as questioning both the upcoming paywall and a expected subscription cost hike.

"Hopkins scoffs at the notion that content is king at Gannett, noting that layoffs at almost all its publications -- including the Star -- have resulted in less news coverage. 'Reducing the quality of content, then asking people to pay more for it seems like a strange way to do business,' he said."


Paul K. Ogden said...

If the Star can't improve the content, there is no way people are going to pay for an on-line subscription.

M Theory said...

The Star's website is so slow and the content so biased to serve the elites in this town, that I don't read it now and it is free!

I think this sums up the quality of the Indy Star. When they ask me to buy a subscription, they do so by touting all the great coupon offers in the Star and not the investigative journalism.

I suppose that is because the Star is an utter failure when it comes to investigating anything.

I'll continue to rely on Indy's blogger community to find out what is really happening in town.