Sunday, July 14, 2013

IEDC contractor steers Indiana investment funds to firms run by its chairman and his son

That's the headline in yet another article in today's Indianapolis Star about Indiana government corruption.

Kudos to reporter Alex Campbell for explaining how yet another GOP contributor -- Howard Bates (pictured, at left) -- is profiteering on the taxpayer's dime with the agreement of the political powers that be.

For shame, Gov. Pence -- and all the Republican legislators and staffers who condone such blatant misuse of tax revenue to line the pockets of the fat cats.

UPDATE: According to Paul Ogden, Gov. Pence agrees this apparent conflict of interest warrants further investigation.

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Anonymous said...

As someone familiar with Howard and Elevate, be careful before believing everything you read in the Star. This story is biased and prejudicial, full on innuendo and misconstruing fact. The Star needs to improve its standards for what passes as journalism.