Monday, November 24, 2014

Eagle Creek Park Closed Thanksgiving Weekend

Yes, we need to reduce the number of deer in Marion County. But, really: do we need to schedule the slaughter for a holiday weekend? When we'd like to relax a bit and show off one of Indy's jewels to visiting family and friends?

Those of us planning a stroll (or a jog or a bike ride) through Eagle Creek Park Friday through Sunday (28-30 November) are out of luck.

The Department of Parks and Recreation will close the park to the public for the initial deer reduction phases of its Deer Management Program. All park sponsored activities and programs are cancelled for that weekend.

Yes: the deer (with no natural predators in Indiana) are causing deforestation, loss of biodiversity, a loss of species and a general change in the nature of the forest. But should the shooting take place on what otherwise would be a busy weekend for the park?

A second phase of the initial deer reduction will occur through professional services provided by the United States Department of Agriculture at later dates which have not yet been determined. The dates of the second deer reduction activities will be provided to the public once they are set.

Deer carcases will be processed off-site and the meat will be offered to Wounded Warriors Outdoors, local shelters and food banks.

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