Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"Eye" Salutes "Eight@8"

"Occasionally Eight@8 wanders into the realm of 'editorial'.... This is one of those times.

"Dear Gov. Mike Pence and Republican state leaders: Whether fair or not, you and the state you represent now are widely associated with bigotry. Big business, one of your key constituents, won’t stand for it. The NCAA, which is hosting the biggest media event since the Super Bowl in Indy this weekend, won’t stand for it. Your biggest universities won’t stand for it. The Republican mayor of your capital city won’t stand for it. Everyone with an ax to grind against Indiana now has nothing to lose by jumping into the scrum. The ship has sailed, guys. We know you’re working feverishly on some additional language that will make it clear the measure can’t be used to discriminate against gay people. That seems like the path of least resistance, doesn’t it? Let’s do that. You might be concerned about saving as much face as possible, both with Democrats who suggested this two weeks ago and your supporters who at least BELIEVED that RFRA allowed them to become conscientious objectors against gay rights. You might want to try the Band-Aid approach. A big burst of mea culpa, and then we can all lose ourselves in the Final Four. Because if this doesn’t get fixed, IndyStar’s Gregg Doyel reports, we might not see another Final Four for a while."

This Indianapolis Observer salutes The Indianapolis Business Journal.

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