Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Here We Go Again: Hoosiers Against Equal Rights

In Gov. Michael Pence's "State of the State address earlier this month he said 'religious freedom' needed to be prioritized over LGBT rights and that 'no one should ever fear persecution because of their deeply held religious beliefs'."

(This snippet is from The Huffington Post, noting that Gov. Pence is at it again -- doubling down on legalizing discrimination.)

As the article points out, "business leaders have got to know that, ultimately, if Pence wins by promoting homophobic laws, it's a long-term loss for them. The majority of Indiana residents support LGBT rights."

This isn't trivial political posturing. Remember, folks, having a bigot as governor and passing laws that discriminate against LGBT Hoosiers has real-world consequences for our state.

"A new survey from Visit Indy to be released this week reveals Indiana lost at least $60 million due to the RFRA controversy last year. That number will likely pale in comparison if the state passes anti-gay laws this year, or even has a flashpoint around the issue in the national media. More businesses will stay away from Indiana, and the pressure will only build on businesses in the state."

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