Monday, May 11, 2009

Throw the Bums Out: Sigh!

Let's see the Indy chaos so far:

The Capital Improvements Board continues to prove that the Good Old Boys' network is alive and well in Indy.

The Indianapolis Water Company is heading for disaster.

The police department is covering up the impropriety of its officers moonlighting for scrap metal firm OmniSource while "investigating" scrap metal theft by its competitors (Platts Steel Market Daily didn't, but that's another story).

The failure of the legislature to pass a budget (let alone streamline local governments by eliminating the wasteful township trustee system)....

well, I could go on. But, this Indianapolis Observer concedes, it's too damn depressing. If it weren't for Advance Indiana, Indianapolis Business Journal and Indianapolis Times, especially, we'd have no idea things were this bad in the former "star of the rustbelt".

Indy is quickly on its way to third-tier status, and the "powers that be" have lost their moorings.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

The legislature not reaching an agreement on a budget pales in comparison to the other things you mention. Likewise, I'm not too concerned that the legislature didn't on this first attempt accomplish an elimination of township government. If you study the legislature, reforms rarely pass the first time they are introduced.

The other stuff though is much, much more disturbing. The CIB's continued mismanagement and giveaways...with no elected Republicans or Democrats daring to ask questions. The scrap metal investigation being covered up. The IWC financial disaster. Those are all things that deeply impact the public and the integrity of government services.