Friday, August 7, 2009

"Case dismissed, questions remain"

If the powers that be at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department thought that the insupportable inaction of one of its detectives would slip under the radar, they were sorely mistaken. The Indianapolis Star has had an item on the strange case of the IMPD officer accused of promoting prostitution for three days this week. Today, it's an editorial:

"A year ago, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officer Jeremy Lee and his wife were arrested on charges that they had operated a prostitution ring out of their Johnson County home. Lee, a new probationary patrolman, was promptly fired. But now the case against Lee and his wife has been thrown out of court because the IMPD detective in charge of the case, Jean Deddish, repeatedly failed to produce confidential informants who were the key to the accusations.... It's critical for IMPD to be beyond reproach when handling criminal accusations involving one of its current or former employees. It didn't meet that standard in this case."

Now, asks this Indianapolis Observer, where's the public outrage?

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