Monday, August 10, 2009

Tonight's C-C Meeting is Must-See TV

Two hot button items are slated for discussion/voting at tonight's City-County Council meeting: a panhandling ordinance and the CIB bailout.

The blogs are all over (especially) the second -- and most expensive -- topic:

Advance Indiana: "The convention business for this city won't suffer one bit if this proposal is voted down."

Indianapolis Times: "As of this weekend, the mayor still didn't have enough votes to pass the plan because even his fellow council Republicans don't have the stomach to raise taxes."

Ogden on Politics: "As I have argued all along, today's CIB bailout/tax increase vote will likely have political repercussions. The Indianapolis Star today and Abdul in his blog Indiana Barrister have argued that there will be no political consequences because it is a 'visitor' tax that is being voted on. That's wishful thinking."

Indiana Barrister: "I frankly think this will be a game of political chicken tonight, so I’ll be watching to vote tally closely."

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