Friday, December 10, 2010

Tully is Clueless?

In today's commentary in The Indianapolis Star, Matthew Tully outlines his reasons why Mayor Greg Ballard won't win re-election. They are police scandals, crime, his status as an incumbent, the Democrats' county majority and his "apolitical" stance.

Say what?

This Indianapolis Observer wonders why he didn't mention the elephants in the room! You know, that herd of mistakes that includes big bucks to the Simons for the Pacers, big bucks (via Lucas Oil Stadium) for the Colts, big bucks to Buckingham for NoSo, big bucks to ACS for the parking meter lease, big bucks (still to come) for the towing contract, big bucks to hire Frank Straub, big bucks for....

Meanwhile, the library has to cut back and IndyGo continues its decline. IPS is a shambles.

Well, you get the idea. Too bad Tully doesn't get it!

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