Monday, August 1, 2011

Willkommen to Germany

Take a trip overseas without the jetlag or expense by making your way to the Indiana State Fair and its new “Willkommen to Germany” interactive exhibit.

Created in partnership with Indiana German organizations, the Indiana Economic Development Corporation and the International Center of Indianapolis, this exhibit presents both traditional and contemporary Germany through a variety of fun displays and activities to demonstrate the close ties the country has with Indiana.

“Indiana is steeped in German heritage. Almost 40 percent of all Indiana residents have a German ancestry, and the German influence runs rife through all aspects of Hoosier life,” said Martin Baier, Vice President of the International Center. “A number of Indiana cities have formed long-term relationships with sister cities in Germany.”

Located in the International Pavilion, also known as the Grand Hall, the 8,000 square foot interactive experience is designed to appeal to a broad range of visitors, educating each one on the diverse and unique industries, cultural activities and authentic performances from Germany.

The Indiana State Fair (and the Willkommen to Germany pavilion) opens Friday (5 August) and runs through 21 August at the fairgrounds, 1202 East 38th Street, Indianapolis

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