Wednesday, December 5, 2012

America and the World

"America and the World: A View from the Senate" is the topic for Senator Richard G. Lugar's presentation sponsored by the Richard G. Lugar Franciscan Center for Global Studies.

Lugar leaves the Senate in January 2013, and this will be his last global studies lecture as a sitting United States Senator.

The event at 7 p.m. 9 December in the Marian University Theater, 3200 Cold Spring Road, Indianapolis, is open to the public at no charge -- but the university would like you to register here.

Here's how the center introduces the event:

Senator Lugar, who has represented Indiana in the United States Senate for 36 years, is an unwavering advocate of United States leadership in the world, strong national defense, nuclear non-proliferation, free trade, alternative energy, and education.

A fifth-generation Hoosier and family farmer, Lugar was an Eagle Scout, a Rhodes Scholar, and a naval officer before entering politics. A former mayor of Indianapolis, he is the longest serving United States senator in Indiana history.

Lugar is the ranking member and former chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and a member and former chairman of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry. Senator Lugar has been a leading voice in reducing the threat of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons.

In 1991, he forged a bipartisan partnership with then-Senate Armed Services chairman Sam Nunn (Democrat from Georgia), to destroy these weapons of mass destruction in the former Soviet Union. To date, the Nunn-Lugar program has deactivated more than 7,800 nuclear warheads that were once aimed at the United States. The Nunn-Lugar program has now gone global, and Senator Lugar traveled to Kenya and Uganda with Pentagon arms control experts to help secure deadly biological diseases in research labs in addition to destroying lethal or potentially lethal armaments.

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