Friday, December 28, 2012

Speaking of Trash

The Indy Department of Public Works had to suspend trash, curbside recycling, and heavy trash collection Wednesday, December 26 and Thursday, December 27.

Please refer to the altered schedule below:

If your pickup was supposed to be yesterday - it will be today
If Friday, December 28 - will be tomorrow
Monday, December 31 is unchanged
If Tuesday, December 25 and Tuesday, January 1 - will be Wednesday, January 2 (Double Pick-Up)
If Wednesday, December 26 and Wednesday, January 2 - will be Thursday, January 3 (Double Pick-Up)
If Thursday, January 3 - will be Friday, January 4
If Friday, January 4 - will be Saturday, January 5

A double pick-up means that you will set out 2 weeks of trash, recycling, and heavy trash (if that is your scheduled day). DPW is anticipating residents to have extra trash and will waive the 10 bag limit for those two double pick-up days only.

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