Thursday, December 13, 2012

Emerson Theater Up For Sale

This Indianapolis Observer recalls the Emerson as a venue for foreign films.

The eastside theater, built in 1926, is located at 4630 East 10th Street, Indianapolis -- in the Little Flower neighborhood.

The asking price is $145,000.

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Unigov said...

These old theatres are great, but hard to repurpose. They tend to be in retail locations, and have slanted floors of course.

Sorry to think of the negative impact on the local music scene if the Emerson goes away, every city needs an all-ages music club - but I can't imagine how to make any money on that.

The Irving was going to be rejuvenated, I don't think it ever came back though ?

The Arlington (at 10th St) became the Ace Hardware.

The Carlyle on Shadeland became a plumbing supply company.

Similar to these theatres, there's a big old Freemasons building in Irvington and also one in Plainfield, that have been for sale in the recent past.